Strategic Plan

One of the most important roles of the Mayor and City Council is to provide a vision for the future of the City.  To do this, the City's elected officials and management staff meet each year for a facilitated strategic planning session to review the City's goals and objectives and formulate actions to help achieve those goals and objectives in the coming years.

The 2022-2023 Strategic Plan was adopted in February 2022. The activities and policies of the City of Marshalltown are directed at achieving the following goals:

  • Goal 1: Expand and improve development in the community
  • Goal 2: Enhance Marshalltown's public image
  • Goal 3: Continually improve and sustain the City's organization and services
  • Goal 4: Partner with citizens, for-profit, non-profit and other groups to improve quality of life

2022-2023 Strategic Plan
2022-2023 Q1 Update
2022-2023 Q2 Update

Mission Statement

The City of Marshalltown collaborates to provide a welcoming, safe, vibrant, and growing community.

Values Statement

To achieve this mission, we place importance on the following values:

  • Inclusiveness - working as one to deliver exceptional outcomes
  • Innovation - willingness to take risks, looking to the future while respecting the past, progressing forward
  • Stewardship - respecting the human, financial, and natural resources of the community
  • Trust - establishing respectful relationships, being a caring community
  • Excellence - striving for a common standard in everything we do