Storm Water Advisory Committee


The Storm Water Advisory Committee shall hold a minimum of one meeting each calendar year and may hold special meetings upon the call of the Chairperson or by three members joining in such call upon at least one day's written notice prior thereto. 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.


This committee consists of five formal members who have an interest in storm water matters, who have attained the age of 18, and who reside within the corporate limits of the city. Members shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent and approval of the Council. All committee members shall be appointed for four years, commencing January 1 of the year of appointment, with staggered end appointment dates for the initial establishment. Any member appointed to a term may be reappointed for successive terms without limitation. 


  • Paul Alman
  • Erin Carpenter
  • Abigail Pelzer
  • Melissa Taft
  • Tim Ure


  • Work in harmony with the City Council, the Public Works Director, and the Storm Water Coordinator to develop a public involvement and participation program;
  • Be and stay informed of the City’s NPDES Stormwater Permit; 
  • Make recommendations for Public Education and Outreach efforts on Storm Water Impacts; 
  • Participate in decision-making, holding public hearings, and working with volunteer groups concerning storm water impacts; and
  • Encourage business owners, developers, homeowners, members of environmental groups, and other members of the public at large to attend Committee meetings and participate in the City’s storm water efforts.