Marshalltown features more than 20 parks / recreation areas.   The Parks & Recreation Department is also responsible for the Riverview Park Campground, inspection and removal of terrace trees, and park flower beds through our Adopt-A-Bed program. Park maintenance is an ongoing - year round job. During winter months parks staff remove snow on city sidewalks and bridges while mowing city parks in the summer.   We encourage people to join our Adopt-A-Park program by helping to pick up trash and branches in neighborhood parks. 

PARK NAME  (Address)
Anson Park   (917 S 4th Avenue)
Arnold Park  (701 W Linn Street)
Assistance League Park   (1008 E High Street)
Bicentennial Park   (507 Grandview Drive)
BPW Park   (407 Marion Street)
Elk Park   (516 N 3rd Street)
Glenwood Park   (2601 S 6th Street)
Goldfinch Park   (310 W Merle Hibbs Blvd)
Jaycees Park   (1401 Rolling Meadows Road)
Judge Park   (1203 S 12th Street)
Kiwanis Park   (2206 S 3rd Avenue)
Lawrence Park   (102 N 22nd Street)
Lennox Park    (201 S 12th Avenue)
Mega 10 Park   (802 802 S 6th Street)
Nicholson-Ford OHV Park  (2814 E Marion Street)
Optimist Park   (305 S 18th Avenue)
Peterson Park   (1503 Woodbury Street)
Riverview Park   (402 Woodland Street)
Skatepark (901 S 6th Street)
Softball Complex    (901 S 6th Street)
Timber Creek Park    (609 E Southridge)
West End Park   (220 N 13th Street)