Following the August 10, 2020 derecho, terrace and right-of-way trees were assessed using FEMA criteria

  • Red numbers on trees indicated right-of-way area trees with dangerous branches. This branch removal process has been completed.
  • Yellow numbers on trees indicate trees to be removed removal (more than 2/3 branch canopy missing, split truck, leaning more than 30°). Following a bid process, trees will be removed with FEMA public assistance paying 85 percent of removal costs.  Road Use Taxes will be budgeted for stump removal in 2021 and 2022.  Your patience are appreciated.

Licensed Tree Trimmers

See City of Marshalltown Licensed Tree Trimmers, including their insurance and license expiration information.

Terrace and Right-of-way Trees

The Parks and Recreation Department oversees terrace and right-of-way trees within the City of Marshalltown.  Advanced approval is required for permission to plant a tree in a terrace or right-of-way area. 

Tree Planting Permit link.

This Tree Planting Permit must be completed and submitted, then Iowa One Call must be contacted at 811 for markings of the planting site.  Completed permits may be emailed to or mailed to 10 West State Street. Trees are not to be planted in a right-of-way area without prior approval.

Report concerns of diseased or damaged trees in a terrace or right-of-way area online or call (641) 754-5715, ext. 1, or email. An evaluation will be completed and results of the evaluation will be mailed to the homeowner.


Information about pruning is available from the Sustainable Urban Forestry Training and Assistance (SUFTA).

Tree & Bench Memorials

The City of Marshalltown welcomes the donation of trees and park benches. These generous donations will grace our public spaces for decades while providing a unique opportunity to honor a special person or to mark a notable event. The physical planting of trees or placement of benches is done by parks staff and the City will assume continued maintenance.

Trees Forever

Trees Forever group members meet monthly on the second Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at the Iowa State Extension office, 2608 South 2nd Street in Marshalltown.  

To become involved in meetings, planting projects or for more information, contact President, Gary Fulton, (641) 752-2410, or Kristin Titus, City Horticulturist, at (641) 844-1854 or

Raising Funds to Grow Trees

The Trees Forever wishes to raise funds to purchase trees to be planted in 2021.  Flags for gardens or windows are available for purchase for $10.  All proceeds of these flags will go toward the purchase of trees. Flags are available at Parks & Recreation, Creative Keepsakes and Oliver Beane.

Marshalltown Re-growing Strong as an Oak
Tree Workshops

Workshops are offered periodically by members of the Trees Forever group. Topics include:
*Evaluating damaged trees: prune or remove?
*Replacing trees on terraces and in yards: City ordinances and stump removal.
*Tree planting and watering procedures.
*Limited number of free trees may be available.
*Applications for terrace and yard trees.

No cost, pre-registration is requested to help with planning. 

Kids Time Out to Hug a Tree Workshop

This is a fun, hands-on workshop to help kids identify trees and learn the importance of trees in our community. Expect fun crafts, games, snacks and information that most kids, and even many adults, may not know about trees! Members of Trees Forever hope there is interest to offer this workshop again.

Trees Forever Logo

Iowa Community Tree Inventory

In 2015 a Sustainable Community Forestry Assistance and Training Grant received which allowed volunteers to be trained in identification to complete a tree inventory. View a map of the tree inventory of Iowa and zoom in to view Marshalltown.

Benefits of Urban Forests

View a Tree Planting video from the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Emerald Ash Borer

Concerns or questions regarding Emerald Ash Borer, please Iowa State University - Plant Diagnostic Clinic online with diagnostic questions or concerns or call at 515-294-0581.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Diagnostic Aid 
Photos within Marshall County found March 2018 
Management Options

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