Tree & Bench Memorials

The City of Marshalltown welcomes donations through our Memorial Trees and Park Benches. These generous donations will grace our public spaces for decades while providing a unique opportunity to honor a special person or to mark a notable event. The physical planting of trees or placement of benches is done by parks staff and the City will assume continued maintenance.

Right-of-way Trees

The right-of-way area is the city-owned easement area between the property line and the edge of any street, road or boulevard, including the sidewalk, if present. Parks and Recreation Department staff evaluates the health and safety of trees in these right-of-way areas. 

A Tree Planting Permit is required prior to any planting in a right-of-way area. The location, tree species, area utilities and growth ratio to space will be assessed before approval is granted for planting.

Concern of public hazard (disease, damage, etc.) about an existing tree in a right-of-way may be reported online or call (641) 754-5715, Ext. 1. Concerns will be ranked using a Hazard Tree Rating System and results will be provided to the property owner.

 Evaluation results will include one of these:
  -Tree was not found to create a public hazard or nuisance at this time.
  -Pruning is recommended.
  -Tree removal is recommended. The City will arrange for removal of this tree at City expense. The stump will also be removed.  No date can be given for removal.
  -Tree is a prohibited species and/or improperly planted. City action may be taken for removal.

Following the August 10, 2020 derecho, right-of-way trees were assessed based on FEMA criteria

  • Red numbers on trees indicated right-of-way trees with dangerous branches. Dangerous branches have been removed.
  • Yellow numbers on trees indicate trees to be removed, based on FEMA guidelines (missing more than 2/3 branch canopy, a split truck, or leaning more than 30°). These dangerous trees have been removed.
  • FEMA public assistance funded 85 percent of the tree removal costs. No FEMA funds are available for stump removal. Road Use Tax funds have been budgeted for stump removal to be completed in 2023. Your patience are appreciated.

Tree Planting on a City Right-of-Way

Before planting, a Tree Planting Permit is required, with a diagram or map of the proposed planting site and Iowa One Call must be contacted to locate and mark any potential utilities. Following receipt of the permit, map and notification of completed Iowa One Call utility markings, the proposed planting site will be reviewed. An email will be sent with notification of any needed adjustment and/or approval of the proposed planting site.

Tree Pruning Information

Learn importance of why, when and how to do pruning is available from the Sustainable Urban Forestry Training and Assistance (SUFTA).

How to Plant a Tree from a Container, Iowa DNR

Tree Planting Video

Trees Forever

Trees Forever Logo

Trees Forever is an all-volunteer group dedicated to the planting of a diversity of trees within the city of Marshalltown, encouraging proper tree care and maintenance, and providing educational opportunities to adults and youths.  We believe an abundance and diversity of trees in our city improves the quality of life and creates a positive public image.

A Facebook page has recently been added for Marshalltown Trees Forever now has a 

Marshalltown Trees Forever volunteer members meet the second Thursday each month at 4:00 p.m. at the Marshall County - Iowa State Extension office, 2608 South 2nd Street in Marshalltown.  

To volunteer with planting, meetings, fundraising or to receive more information, notify us here. Or contact Marshalltown Trees Forever President, Gary Fulton, (641) 752-2410, or Parks Supervisor, Kristin Titus, at (641) 754-5755 or

Each year, since 1991, Marshalltown Trees Forever volunteers have planted trees in Spring and Fall. Anyone with time and willingness to help plant trees for the betterment of our community is greatly appreciated. In addition to interested individuals, others who have helped plant trees with Trees Forever have been members of Lions & Kiwanis Clubs; participants with Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H Youth, Sea Cadets; Big Brothers Big Sisters; employees of Lennox, Fisher/Emerson, RACOM, Mechdyne, JBS, GNB Bank, United Bank & Trust, and HyVee; students from West Marshall and Marshalltown Middle &/or High Schools; science club and IJAG students; students from Marshalltown Community and Grinnell College; Marshalltown police officers and more.

Raising Funds to Grow Trees

Monetary contributions toward purchasing trees are graciously accepted! The Parks & Recreation Department at 10 West State Street accepts checks may be made to City of Marshalltown with a notation of Trees Forever. Support for Marshalltown Trees Forever greatly appreciated.

The Trees Forever wishes to continue to raise funds to purchase trees to be planted throughout Marshalltown. Only a few Marshalltown Strong gardens / windows flags remain to be purchased for $10. Only a few flags are available at Parks & Recreation (10 W State). All proceeds go toward the purchase of trees.

Trees Forever Flag 8


Marshalltown Trees Forever is offering Marshalltown property owners a free tree to plant on the city right-of-way. (The right-of-way is the area between the sidewalk and the street.)

Trees Forever is a volunteer group, working with the City of Marshalltown, dedicated to planting a diversity of trees within the city, encouraging proper tree maintenance and providing educational opportunities to citizens.

These trees will be purchased through Alliant Energy’s Branching Out grant program* which requires that the trees are planted on public property, which includes the right-of-way area between a sidewalk and a street.

As funds, trees and weather during planting seasons permit, trees will be available for spring or fall planting seasons. Trees will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.  Be aware some right-of-way locations may not meet the requirements for tree planting.

What Trees Forever will do:

  • Accept and review the applications
  • Help the property owner select the proper location
  • Help the property owner select the proper tree from those available
  • Help the property owner plant the tree

What the Marshalltown property owner must do:

  • Work with Trees Forever to determine the location 
  • Work with Trees Forever in the selection of the tree 
  • Call Iowa One Call to ensure no utilities will be disturbed by digging in the right-of-way
  • Apply for the city planting permit (there is no fee)
  • Help Trees Forever volunteers plant the tree
  • Agree to water the tree regularly for the first year
  • Agree to care for the tree by protecting it from damage by people, animals, mowers, lawn trimmers and other destructive elements

*This offer is contingent on funds made available to Marshalltown Trees Forever for this project.
Free Tree Request

Iowa Community Tree Inventory

In 2015 a Sustainable Community Forestry Assistance and Training Grant received which allowed volunteers to be trained in identification to complete a tree inventory. View a map of the tree inventory of Iowa and zoom in to view Marshalltown.

Benefits of Urban Forests

View a Tree Planting video from the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Emerald Ash Borer

For questions or concerns regarding Emerald Ash Borer and diagnostics, please contact Iowa State University - Plant Diagnostic Clinic online or call at 515-294-0581.

Frequently Asked Questions
Diagnostic Aid
Photos within Marshall County found March 2018
Management Options

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