Admission Policy

Due to Covid-19 the 2020 Aquatic Center season will be opening in phases.

Phase 1 :  

Water walking and Lap Swim beginning June 15th.

With the following procedures:

1. Limited number of participants per session (first come, first serve)

2. Participants must be 16 years of age or older

3. All participants and staff temperatures will be taken prior to entry

4. Participants must come “swim ready” as limited restroom facilities will be available

5. “Social Distancing” is encouraged.  Masks are encouraged while on deck but are not required in the water.

Swimming lesson dates: see Swim Lesson page for more information

Monday through Thursday --June 22nd - July 2nd, 2020

  • Parents will bring swimmer to the entrance of the Aquatic Center.
  • Each swimmer’s temperature will be taken (must be below 100.4 to participate)
  • Each swimmer will be escorted into and out of the facility by their Instructor
  • Parents will not be allowed in the facility
  • Swimmers will exit the facility through the west gate.
  • Parents are encouraged to park under the viaduct after dropping off swimmer
  • Swimmer must come “swim ready” (limited restroom facilities will be available)
  • Swimmer will only be able to bring a towel and shoes to wear in & out of facility
  • Instructors will wear mask when needed.  For levels preschool through level 2, Instructors will be in the water.  Levels 3 & 4, Instructors will be on deck but may instruct in water if needed.
  • Swimmers will be social distanced while in the water

Phase 2: Details TBD

All who enter the facility must pay admission, which includes spectators and non-swimmers. There are no exceptions. View admission prices.

Children Under Age 9

All children under the age of nine must be actively supervised in the water by a person age 15 or older.

Swim Test

A one-time swim test is required for all youth under 14 who want to use the red drop slide or diving boards. The swim test will consist of swimming one length of the diving well and back on their front without stopping. Swim Tests will only be given during pool breaks.  If a swimmer would like to take a swim test, they will need to go to the red umbrella during a pool break. If a swimmer has passed the swim test, their name will be placed in a data base and they will receive a wrist band to be identified as able to use the red drop slide and diving boards.  A wrist band is needed for the red drop slide & diving boards. 

Deep End

Swimmers must be able to pass the deep water test. Swimmers who have passed the test must also be 48 inches tall to use the drop slide.

For All Slides

Swimmers must be 48 inches tall, no exceptions! Adults may not take children down the slides with them. Only the provided tubes are allowed down the slide designated for tubes.


  • Only one person may be on one-person tubes.
  • Only two people may be on the double tubes.
  • No one may sit on the lap of another person on the tubes.
  • Tubes will be in the hands of those in line for the slide, in the Lazy River, or placed in the tube corral, when not in use. Pool staff may direct people to give up tubes as they pass the end of the Lazy River to allow everyone to have a turn.

Double tubes are only allowed in the Lazy River.

Lazy River

Swimmers must ride on a tube to be in the Lazy River. Entrance/Exit steps or ramp must be used to access the Lazy River.

Flotation Devices

Personal flotations like water wings, toddler floating seats, and noodles are permitted at staff discretion. No inner tube style floats or air mattresses are permitted.

Clothing & Jewelry

Proper, made-for-swim, attire must be worn. Jewelry or swimwear with rivets are not permitted on slides.


A pay phone is available during pool hours at the cost of 25 cents.


Lockers are available. Users must provide their own padlocks. Padlocks may be purchased at the admission window. The Aquatic Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Padlocks left on lockers after pool closing will be cut off.

Bicycles & Skateboards Racks

Bike racks are located in front and west of the Aquatic Center. A skateboard rack is inside the front gate of the Aquatic Center. No padlocks are provided.

Coolers / Food / Lawn Chairs

Bringing in coolers or food is prohibited. Lawn chairs (no chaise lounges) may be carried in and used only on the grass areas, as a limited number of chairs are available at the Aquatic Center.


A concession with food, snacks and beverages is available. All food items must be eaten in the designated concession area. Two beverage vending machines are also available.

Pool Closing

The Aquatic Center may close due to bad weather or temperatures below 67 degrees.


Rain checks may be issued if the pool closes because of rain or thunderstorms. Closings will be on local radio stations, Facebook and Aquatic Center answering machine 641-844-1515.

Come & Go Passes

Those that have paid a daily admission and leave the facility for any reason and want to come back later may ask for a Come and Go Pass. The pass, along with $1, will allow re-entry to the Aquatic Center on that day.

Smoke & Alcohol Free

The Aquatic Center and YMCA property and parking areas are smoke-free and alcohol free. Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping devices, consumption of alcohol or being under the influence of any substance is cause for ejection.