Public Use Permits & Special Events

Application for Public Use/Special Event Permit

The application for a special event using public property should be completed online through the link above.  Special Events would include neighborhood block parties, 5K runs, parades, and community events that utilize public property.

You may upload your event flyer, google map screenshot for street closures, etc., within the online application form. We prefer PDF files for those uploads. Following staff review of the form, you will receive approval by email. Larger events and 5K runs do require an insurance certificate for the event listing the City of Marshalltown as additional insured for your event. Neighborhood block parties do not need an insurance certificate. 

Larger events may also upload their insurance documentation and indicate if they are also allowing alcohol at their event, which requires scheduling council approval by Resolution for both the alcohol license and consumption of alcohol on city property or streets.  For neighborhood parties, please note that per City Code, the alcohol/beer/wine should only be consumed on private property, and not in the street unless the request to consume in the roadway is approved by council resolution. 

The City now has a special events trailer that is utilized for events requesting street closures.  The trailer will be delivered prior to your event and is stocked with barricades and cones for the closure. The required cost for the trailer is $150. If the event is larger in scale the City can deliver and pickup barricades from specific locations for a fee of $300.

Please email the City Clerk if you have any questions about the event approval process.


Permits issued for upcoming events: