2019 Master Plan

The Marshalltown Downtown Master plan is complete and the final version is now available along with the supporting appendix information.

Marshalltown Downtown Master Plan - Accepted on 6/24/19

Master Plan Implementation Priority Handout

Appendix Information

A1A - Meeting Summary 1A2 - Bicycling Fact SheetA3A - SSMID ResearchA4A - Summary of Related Plans & Studies
A1A - Meeting Summary 2A2 - Street Trees Fact SheetA3B - Boutique Hotel Catalyst ConceptA4A - Review of Existing Zoning Memo
A1A - Meeting Summary 3A2 - Economic Value of Design StandardsA3C - Draft Implementation MatrixA4B - Inventory & Analysis Exhibit - Building Use
A1A - Meeting Summary 4A2 - Real Estate Market Demand Estimates
A4B - Inventory & Analysis Exhibit - Design Vocabulary & Standards
A1A - Meeting Summary 5A2 - Real Estate Market Tapestry
A4C - Inventory & Analysis Exhibit - Parking Resources
A1A - Meeting Summary 6

A4C - Inventory & Analysis Exhibit - Parking Restrictions
A1A - Open House Comments

A4D - Inventory & Analysis Exhibit - Figure Ground Study
A1B - Wikimap Summary

A4D - Inventory & Analysis Exhibit - Pedestrian Connections
A1B - Housing Survey

A4E - Inventory & Analysis Exhibit - Public Realm & Streetscape
A1B - Downtown Survey

A1C - Charrette Intro. Presentation

A1D - Charrette Meeting 1 Presentation

A1E - Charrette Final Meeting Presentation

Following the July 19th Tornado Community leaders identified the importance of moving forward with a new Master Plan for Downtown Marshalltown as part of the recovery process. The Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation supported the plan with a grant in the amount of $100,000. This funding was matched with an Economic Adjustment Assistance grant from the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration also in the amount of $100,000.

The City of Marshalltown awarded a contract to Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH) to work with community members to complete the plan. 

A project website was developed as part of the planning process, which as of 10/31/2019, is no longer active.