Erosion and Sediment Control for Construction Site

Soil erosion contributes to the impairment of drainage-ways, increases road and storm sewer maintenance costs, contributes to the destruction and obstruction to traveled roadways creating a potential hazard for vehicular traffic, and contributes to contamination and degradation of land surfaces and streams, flooding and dusty conditions. 

The City of Marshalltown has an application for Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control (CONESCO). Before any land disturbance activities can begin, an application, application fee, and supporting documentation must be submitted, reviewed and an erosion control permit issued. 

Erosion Control Permits

The City of Marshalltown requires one of the following permits based on the extent of the land disturbing activity.  

  • Major Erosion Control Permit: Issued where land disturbing activities are greater than (1) acre.  These activities require not only the City of Marshalltown's Major Erosion Control Permit, but also an Iowa Department of Natural Resources General Permit #2.
  • Minor Erosion Control Permit: Issued where land disturbing activities fall between a (1/4) of an acre, but less that (1) acre.  
  • Sites disturbing less than a quarter of an acre: When land disturbing activities do not exceed a (1/4) of an acre, the city does not require an Erosion Control Permit.  However, the city recommends the use of erosion control.  The following link can provide guidance for small building sites.

Additional submittal requirements for both Major and Minor erosion control permits can be found by clicking the following link or contacting the Engineering Office at (641)754-5734.