Lead Hazard Contractors

Homes built prior to 1978 often contain lead base paint, which as it deteriorates becomes hazardous, especially to children under the age of six. Hazards often include chipping and peeling paint and paint on friction or impact surfaces. When working with areas that contain lead base paint proper lead safety measures should always be used.


Any individual can become certified by the State of Iowa to work with lead base paint if they successfully meet all the State requirements. The following certifications are offered by the Iowa Department of Public Health - Bureau of Lead Poisoning Prevention.

  • Certified Lead Abatement Contractor: 40 hour training required
  • Certified Lead Abatement Worker: 24 hour training required
  • Lead Renovator: 8 hour training required

The City of Marshalltown works with State approved agencies which offer the required training to interested individuals, in order to increase the number of Certified contractors/workers available.


Currently the City of Marshalltown partners with Iowa Valley Continuing Education to offer all of these trainings. For more information or to register please contact the college.