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Public Use Permit - Application Form

  1. Type of Application

  2. Barricades needed?

  3. Barricade Guideline

    When a street is closed, traffic patterns should be the main consideration in determining barricade placement to avoid creating a dead-end trap by placing barricades at the end of the block. A barricade should be placed at the entrance of the block in the inbound lane so drivers have notice of the street being closed. Alleys shall not be considered outlets for through traffic. The single barricade at the entry to the closed block still allows vehicles to exit the block or drive around the barricade to enter for the purpose of parking. Following this guideline lessens the need for police or volunteer traffic control and avoids frustration to the public in either coming to the event or traveling through the area.

  4. Street Blocked?

  5. Contact Parks and Recreation at 641-754-5715 for Park Facility or Trail Permit.

  6. Alcohol permission. Questions? Contact the city clerk.

    A Council Resolution is required to allow consumption of alcohol on public property, which includes beer gardens and street parties. A valid liquor license is required to serve or sell alcohol to the public. Alcohol licenses generally require 30-45 days to be approved, depending on the council meeting schedule.

  7. **Refundable Permit Fee


  8. Alcohol in Public Area


  9. Agreement:

    The applicant hereby states that he/she is authorized to represent the above named organization and agrees to accept responsibility for payment of repair of any damages to public or private property that may be incurred due to the applicant’s activities under this permit. Any amount the permit fee is in excess of the damage cost shall be refunded to the applicant. The applicant also agrees that the regulations stated herewith shall govern activities under this permit.

    Dogs are prohibited at most public events and event sponsors are responsible for noting on all advertising that the event is a dog-free event if attendance is expected to exceed 100 persons.

    **If permit requirements are not met, including advertisement of a dog-free event, the deposit will not be returned.**

  10. Dog Ordinance Compliant Advertising Language:

    “No Dogs Allowed at This Event by Order of the City of Marshalltown”

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