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City Clerk

  1. Comment for City Council Agenda Items

    This form is for the convenience of the public and to assist staff in handling public comments during council meetings during the... More…

  2. Transient Merchant License Application

    Please complete this application for a food truck license.

  1. Information Request - Public Records Request

    This form will assist us in obtaining the information to assist you with your request.

Contact City Offices

  1. Contact Us

    This is the general form for someone to contact any department with a general question or concern.

Fire Department

  1. Contact Us To Schedule A Commercial Inspection

    This form is used to request a commercial inspection with Iowa Inspections LLC.

  2. Contáctenos para programar una inspección comercial

    Este formulario se utiliza para solicitar una inspección comercial con Iowa Inspections LLC.

  3. Permit Application

    application for business owners to apply for an annual permit

  1. Contact Us To Schedule An Inspection

    This form is used to request an inspection.

  2. Open Burn Permit Application

    application to request a commercial open burn permit or bonfire

  3. Plan Review Submittal

    application for plan review

Housing & Community Development

  1. Code Complaint Submission Form

    This form should be used to file a complaint related to City nuisance or property maintenance codes.

  2. Rental Owner and/or Property Agent Contact Information

    Please complete the following form online if you submit online payment.

  3. Zoning Confirmation Request

    Request a letter of zoning confirmation by completing the following information.

  1. Lead Program Interest Form

    If you are interested in applying for the NEW Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Grant please contact us or complete the following form.

  2. Report a demolition occurring without a permit

    Use this form to report sites where demolition is occurring that is potentially unapproved due to the address not being listed as... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Aquatic Center Rental Request (not a guarantee or commitment)

    Treat your guests to an evening at the Marshalltown Family Aquatic Center! The Aquatic Center may be available to rent Saturdays and... More…

  2. Kiwanis Park Survey
  3. Marshalltown Trees Forever - Free Tree Application

    *This offer is contingent on grant funds being made available to Marshalltown Trees Forever for this project. Complete this free... More…

  4. Peterson Park Community Input
  5. Riverview Park Public Input
  6. Veteran Memorial Coliseum Rental Request

    For all rentals of the Coliseum please fill out the Rental Request form and a staff member will be in contact with you.

  1. General Inquiry / Request for Service / Comment

    We appreciate your time to send comments.

  2. Lifeguard Certification

    Anyone age 15 or older may become a lifeguard.

  3. Marshalltown Trees Forever Volunteer Application

    Trees are planted in the Spring & Fall and each volunteer is greatly appreciated! Marshalltown Trees Forever members meet the second... More…

  4. Private Swim Lessons

    An email response will coordinate an instructor and pool time to match your interest.

  5. Tree Planting Permit on Right-of-Way (Terrace)

    Advanced approval is required before planting a tree in a terrace or right-of-way area. Complete and submit this Tree Planting Permit... More…

Public Works

  1. Sanitary Sewer Service Call for Property Back Up

    Sanitary Sewer Service call for sanitary sewer back up

  1. Stormwater Intake Issue

    Report Stormwater Intake Concerns/Issues such as Plugged, Broken, or Missing

Use of Public Property

  1. Public Use Special Events Application

    This form is used for sidewalk use downtown, neighborhood block parties, community-wide events, and any other use of a public property... More…