How do I sign up for exterior sewer/septic line warranty?

This voluntary program offered by SLWA (Service Line Warranties of America will provide warranty protection to help cover the costs of an unexpected repair to your exterior sewer/septic lines. The program is aimed to help mitigate some of the risks that homeowners in Marshalltown often face. Customers are often unaware that they are responsible for the sewer service lines that go from the utility connection to their home. If these lines break or leak, repairs can be very expensive. The Service Line Warranty program offers customers an affordable way to avoid the unexpected and often large expenses involved with a sewer line break.

Citizens may choose to purchase voluntary warranty protection that will cover up to $8,500 per service call with unlimited service calls and an unlimited annual benefit amount.  The partnership for this program is offered at no cost to the City of Marshalltown, and no public funds are used to promote the program. 

We at the City urge you to read the Service Line Warranty Program’s information carefully and inquire with your insurance provider if repairs to sewer line systems are covered in your homeowner's insurance policy. If your policy does not cover sewer utility lines, we suggest that you look into this program. The following link has been furnished to aid you in your research and to demonstrate the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program and Service Line Warranties of America’s ability to ensure competent, quick, and safe repairs to your sewer line in the event of a sewer line leak, break, or emergency.   

National League of Cities

Service Line Warranties of America 

Service Line Warranties of America

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