How do I run for an elected City office? What resources are available?

Interested in running for an elected position? This page will help you find everything you need to know to run for office.

The Council and the Mayor are elected positions. In odd years you may pick up information at the City Clerk's office or at the Marshall County Auditor's Office or the Iowa Secretary of State's office to run for the Marshalltown City Council. The seven Council positions are four-year staggered terms.

The next city election is Tuesday, November 2, 2021.  Open seats: Mayor, (2) At Large, First Ward, and Third Ward.  Individuals desiring to run for a ward position must live in the ward at the time of filing nomination papers and at the time of the election. 

Candidates must gather 25 "eligible" signatures and return the nomination papers and the Candidate's affidavit to the City Clerk, beginning Monday, August 23, 2021, and before 5 PM, Thursday, September 16, 2021. Papers may not be submitted outside of this time frame. Please refer to the Candidate's Guide for more information.

Current Council members and their terms

View our ward map.

Resources for elected officials:

Iowa Public Information Board: - Open Meetings - Open Records

Attorney General - Sunshine Advisories - Open Meetings  - Open Records

Iowa Code Chapter 400 / 2016 - Civil Service

Iowa League of Cities

Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board

Iowa Secretary of State

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1. How do I run for an elected City office? What resources are available?
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