riverview park community input

Riverview Park has been Marshalltown's largest and most heavily use park in town since it was create in 1904.  The park is currently the home of a campground, dog park, disc golf course, shelter buildings, playgrounds, tennis court, basketball court, and walking trails.  In years past the park also featured a zoo in the 1920's and a swimming pool from 1921-2002.  The park has evolved over the last decade and due to the August 2020 derecho, which devastated the park causing the removal of over 400 trees, it is time to reimagine what Riverview Park could look like for the next decade.  We would like to hear your favorite memories of Riverview Park and get your input and ideas about what you'd like to see in the park.  Please take a few minutes and give use your thoughts on what made Riverview Park great and what can make it a park for the community for future generations.

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