2020 Community Survey

The City of Marshalltown conducted its first ever Community Survey in 2020.  In partnership with Polco and the National Research Center, invitations to participate in the National Community Survey (NCS) were sent to 3,000 households in Marshalltown.  1,500 households were invited to participate in the survey online, while another 1,500 households received a paper copy of the survey in the mail.  522 households responded for a response rate of 18%, excluding properties where the mail was returned.  The 2020 Community Survey results can be viewed by clicking here.

The National Community Survey captures residents opinions on 10 facets of the community to create a Community Livability Report.  The National Research Center works with more then 600 communities across the nation whose residents have taken the same survey.  This benchmark data gives readers an idea of what those results mean when compared with the other cities, using terms like Lower, Similar, Higher, to show where Marshalltown ranks among others.  

This data is an important look into how Marshalltown residents feel about our community and identify areas where we can improve.  This data will be used to form baseline measurements for tracking how specific City and community efforts towards improving the quality of life in our community are doing.  Now, more than ever, Marshalltown can be the community we would like it be with everyone working together! 

2020 Community Survey Report

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