Park Rental Buildings


As of January 2023, reservations may be made through December 31, 2024.  Plan in advance as building reservations fill quickly!

Five Enclosed Park Buildings Are Available for Rent.
Two Riverview Park buildings have heat, air conditioning, refrigerators and available all year:

  • Descriptions of each park building, including photos, addresses, hours, capacity, fees, amenities, etc.
  • Each rental building is handicap accessible.
  • All year, Riverview Park has two buildings available - the Community Building and Reunion Hall.
  • Seasonally, (May - October) the Riverview Park  very old Log Cabin is available, with its rustic charm.  Modern restrooms are located in the parking area.  The Log Cabin has no water, restrooms, heat, air conditioning or refrigerator.
  • Seasonally, (May - October) Anson Park and Kiwanis Park buildings are available.  These buildings have no heat, air conditioning or refrigerators.  The Anson building has tables, chairs and indoor restrooms.  The Kiwanis building has restrooms attached to the building with an outside entrance and picnic tables inside.
  • Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED on any park grounds or inside Anson or Kiwanis Park Buildings. To have alcohol inside a Riverview Park rental building requires an ID and prepaid $30 fee from a renter age 21 or older, who will remain present, and enforce all local, state and federal laws.

Park Buildings Information:

  • Building Use Rules - English and Spanish
  • Buildings cannot be used for ‘personal gain’ (no sales for profit)
  • Renters may enter only after 10:00 a.m. on the prepaid date  on the printed receipt, and exit with all possessions before 11:00 p.m. - this includes any set-up and cleaning time.
  • Beginning January 1, 2024, buildings may be rented through December 31, 2025.

Find Available Building / Date to Rent Online:

  • Click: Catalog
  • Choose: Building Rental
  • Choose: Park – Anson, Kiwanis or Riverview (only Riverview Park allows alcohol inside buildings after a paid $30 fee)
  • Choose: Building – Anson Park Building, Kiwanis Park Building or
    Riverview Park Buildings: 1st - Community Building, 2nd - Reunion Hall, or 3rd - the Log Cabin.
  • Available dates to rent appear on the building calendar in GREEN
    --To most easily utilize a cell phone to find available dates in our catalog -- in the upper left click menu, then Desktop Version, then rotate to widescreen view for the best view of available dates in green
  • To reserve a building for an available date, rental fees and a driver's license (or ID #) and payment must be provided.
  • Credit/debit card payments will include a 3% + $.30 fee. Cash or checks are accepted in the office to avoid card fees.

Rental Building Receipt:

  • An email receipt will be sent by email with important details which include:
  • Park & Rec address, contact information and after hours contact number.
  • Rental building name, date of paid rental and entry, rental time, rental payment amount and payment method.
  • Building address, capacity, approximate number of tables & chairs and additional building features.
  • How to change of rental building or date deadline - refund policy .
  • How & when to receive a key to enter the building by showing your current credit/debit card.  (No deposit is charged, card numbers are recorded and will be charged for infraction of rules.) 
  • Building Use Rules to review and follow to avoid additional fees, and enable future building use.

Frequently asked questions:

How much is the deposit?
- No deposit is charged.  No building is reserved/rented without payment.  
- When a key is received a current credit/debit card is recorded, and will be charged for infraction of rules.

Where and when may I receive a key?
- At the Park & Rec office, 10 W State Street, between 8:30 & 4:30 (Thursday or Friday before a weekend rental), show your current credit or debit card to receive a key.   (No key deposit is charged. Card numbers will be charged for infraction of rules.)

What shall I do with trash?
- Provided trash bags must remain inside the trashcans, inside the building. Take out of the park all trash that exceed the three provided trash bags. Leave no trash outside on park grounds.

How many tables/chairs are in a building?
- On your payment receipt you will find Facility Notes with the building address, features of the building, and approximate number of tables and chairs. The Building Use Rules details cleaning to avoid additional fees.

What are my options if I need more time to set up the building before my guests arrive?
- Consider asking family or friends for help with set up. If available, the building may be rented the day before.
- Use of a building outside the hours of 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., results in additional fees. 
- Renters may request entry earlier than 10 a.m. by pre-paying a $25 fee.

Can I cancel or change my rental after I rent a building?
- Change of date or building requires notice 14-days prior to the scheduled use of the building, and a $20 fee - Refund Policy.
- Credit and debit card fees cannot be refunded.

What if I forget to get a key before the Parks & Recreation office closes?
- Call (641) 754-5725 (police non-emergency) with your need, name and contact number.
- Someone from Park & Rec will contact you to arrange when to meet to receive a key after office hours, which requires a cash $25 fee.

Additional questions?  Contact (641) 754-5715 or

Parks Rules:

Marshalltown has a "Tobacco-Free" park policy, which bans all tobacco products in City owned parks and green space. Persons using tobacco products must move off City owned property.

Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED on any park grounds or inside Anson or Kiwanis Park Buildings. To have alcohol inside a Riverview Park rental building requires an ID and prepayment of a $30 fee from a renter age 21 or older, who will remain present, and enforce all local, state and federal laws.

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